WorldSkills Barbados Participates in Friendly Skills Competition

06/02/2022 04:56 PM
WorldSkills Barbados News
Members of the Barbados delegation to the 2022 WorldSkills Colombia Friendly Skills Competition (from left): Expert in Cooking, Chef Peter Edey; Cooking competitor, Jessica Cummins; and Technical Officer with the TVET Council Dario Walcott, who also serves as the Technical Delegate, WorldSkills Barbados (WSB) Programme.

WorldSkills Barbados (WSB) 2020 Cooking and Restaurant Service champions, Jessica Cummins and Tonquanja Giddings, competed in the recently concluded WorldSkills Colombia Friendly Skills Competition. 

Barbados joined Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica, to compete at the SENA training centres, in Bogota, Colombia, from May 23-28, 2022. 

This five-day event was initiated to help teams prepare for the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 competition, which has since been cancelled. Each competitor had the opportunity to put their training into practice, while delegates shared knowledge and assisted in the preparation of their national teams and national competitions.

Technical Officer with the TVET Council Dario Walcott, who also serves as the Technical Delegate for the WSB Programme, remarked that experiences like the Friendly Skills Competition, allows the WSB team to gain a better understanding of what is expected at the international level.

He further added: “the competitors had an opportunity to put their training into action and their experts have a better idea of how they perform under pressure. They've also received feedback from international colleagues which was one of the main purposes. The delegates have new ideas on team preparation and selection and are in the planning stages of further collaboration and signing of an MOU to continue working together.”

Following the competition, no medal places were awarded; however, competitors were assessed on a 100-point scale. Jessica Cummins, who competed in Cooking, received 81.55%, while Tonquanja Giddings, who competed in Restaurant Service, scored 69.99%.

Mr. Walcott expressed his satisfaction with the team’s work saying, “I am actually extremely pleased with the results from the two competitors, I’ve told them before if they are able to score 70-75% they almost guarantee themselves Medallions for Excellence…So if they can maintain these scores and continue to improve using the feedback, and at the end of the year if we happen to have a competition, I think that we would be in a very good position to medal.”

“There was an announcement yesterday that WS Shanghai 2022 has been cancelled but I'm confident the WorldSkills community will work together to have a viable alternative for competitors to showcase their skills. Our team will continue to train and perfect their skills in preparation for whatever event there is.” Dario concluded.

For more on the cancellation of the WorldSkills Competition 2022, which was scheduled to take place in October in Shanghai, China, please click here.