Training Squad Aiming for Mastery!

03/09/2022 04:41 PM
WorldSkills Barbados News
WorldSkills Barbados Training Squad: Cooking candidate Jessica Cummins plates her main course under the watchful eye of Judge Steve Phillips

With only seven months until the 46th WorldSkills Competition in Shanghai, China, the WorldSkills Barbados Training squad is focusing on skills mastery as they progress in their preparations.

Cooking candidates Jessica Cummins and Daryl Hunte completed their second assessment over the course of three days on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th February 2022. Each competitor was required to prepare mise-en-place, appetizers, a main course, and a dessert with different elements included to test their progress. 

Technical Officer with the TVET Council and Lead Officer of the WorldSkills Barbados Programme, Dario Walcott, explained that while the squad has shown tremendous improvement, there was still work to be done if they were to reach their full potential.

He further explained: “Over the last year they (training squad) have developed their skills and knowledge, I think they are competent young people but of course the competition assessment is  aiming for excellence, so we are working to move to mastery right now and I think they can do it, we just need to mature those skills and pay attention to all the things that would be the difference between a medallion for excellence and maybe a bronze or a silver medal. So that’s where we want to move towards.”