The WSBCC ‘will be a spark to ignite the movement’!

04/29/2022 04:06 PM
WorldSkills Barbados News
Former member of the WorldSkills International Secretariat and training facilitator for the WorldSkills Barbados Champions Committee, Alex Musial.

Barbados has been praised for becoming the first WorldSkills International (WSI) member country to adopt the WorldSkills Champions Trust (WSCT) model with the establishment of the inaugural WorldSkills Barbados Champions Committee (WSBCC)!

Speaking at the April 8th launch, Alex Musial, a consultant and former member of the WSI Secretariat, commended the TVETC Council which manages the WorldSkills Barbados Programme.

In preparation for the WSBCC's launch, members of the committee, which consists of former WorldSkills Barbados (WSB) Competition finalists as well as participants in the International TVET Youth Forum, participated in a week of training activities to improve their skills and abilities both individually and as a team. The training, which was facilitated by Ms. Musial, ran from April 4 – 8, 2022 at the TVETC’s Hastings, Christ Church offices.

In her previous role as a secretariat member, Ms. Musial was responsible for the conference program as well as the WorldSkills Champions Forum, which established the WorldSkills Champions Trust.  Alex’s role allowed her to collaborate with a group of Champions from around the world as they brainstormed ways to re-engage young people in the WorldSkills movement. They came up with the idea of creating a Champions’ Trust, which is a standing activity and component of WorldSkills International and it is a group of 11 Champions from different countries, different skill areas and different genders who truly work together to show the value of how skills change lives.

During the week of activities with WSBCC members - Rukiya Clarke, Shaquani Hunte, Keanndra Marshall, Danny Mayers, Crystal-Anne Miller, Kristina Patrick, Peabo Sampson and Shae White – Alex described the experience as “incredibly impactful”.

She stated: “We’ve really spent a lot of time focusing on two main activities. One is developing how the Champions Committee will work together and what their strategic plan should be…and we’ve also been going through a personal development programme with them.”

The main goal of the WSBCC is to engage WorldSkills Barbados Champions and students in the national technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system in a national professional network. The Committee members will act as a link between WorldSkills Barbados, WSB Champions, current and future students and stakeholders in the national TVET system.

Alex also added that the committee's efforts to achieve this main goal will be more successful with the help of young people in the TVET system and WSB programme. “I really believe in the power of young people and I also believe that trying to demonstrate the work of WSB and of the TVETC, it really comes better from those that have gone through that experience…you’re bringing together eight (8) young people that have gone through different elements of WSB… to be ambassadors for WSB and TVETC.”

During training, Committee members had the opportunity to improve their public speaking, storytelling, presentations, and media skills, which they will use not only in their position as committee members, but also to better prepare them for any opportunity in life.

“I believe in lifelong learning,” Alex continued, “and I think that this week is just another example of that. I think that anyone that can participate in public speaking training and in media training, it prepares them better for job interviews, for speaking with colleagues and partners. Thinking about developing key messaging is really about their personal brands, which is very relevant to many of them as young entrepreneurs and so, I do feel that they will all take away pieces of the training into their personal lives, and I certainly hope they will”

Alex concluded: “They are definitely growing their awareness of the work of WSB and the TVET Councill … I think that will make them even more valuable contributors to the work that the committee wants to achieve and increasing the skills movement in Barbados.”

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