TVET: The Marriage Between Academia and Skills!

06/28/2022 07:22 PM
WorldSkills Barbados News
Flashback: WorldSkills Barbados 2020 Champions, Danny Mayers and Kristina Patrick, pictured during the recording of episode one of the Let’s Talk Skills Podcast. (File Photo).

WorldSkills Barbados 2020 Champions, Kristina Patrick and Danny Mayers, discuss their experiences with Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in episode two of the Let's Talk Skills podcast.

In segment 2 of the episode, both champions discussed their first encounter with the TVET Council Barbados, as well as what TVET the discipline means to them and its importance.

Danny explained that while skills was a vitally important aspect of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, he grew to understand that academia was equally as important. 

He added: “TVET the discipline is marrying the two - skills and academia - creating, training, and building awareness for a competence-based workforce here in Barbados. I think that it is very important because as young people coming up, even like myself I thought that academia and reading books was the way forward, but little did I know skills was also apart of it and many of us coming up, we looked down on skills like plumbing, masonry and think that that is secondary or second class to someone who is in a law firm or a doctor, but the reality is, each of us in society, we need everyone, a hospital cannot be built without an architect…equally so, we as people cannot survive without the doctors nurses etc.” 

Danny concluded: “I think we need to focus on marrying skills and academia because that is very essential for the way forward in Barbados.” 

As the pair delved deeper into the conversation, Kristina shared with the audience how the WorldSkills Barbados programme, the discipline of TVET and the TVET Council made a way for her. 

She said: Before I was introduced to TVETC, I did not like interacting with people at all, I thought it was possible for me to find a career and not see anyone…but when I went to TVETC and we did the work ethics workshop, in a way it pushed me to meet new people and network. 

She concluded: “Even now I still use those things I’ve learnt during the workshop to network and interact with people, so I am quite grateful for that.” 

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