Periodic Assessment Important to Selection Process!

03/28/2022 04:37 PM
WorldSkills Barbados News
WorldSkills Barbados Training Squad: Restaurant service candidates, Tonquanja Giddings and O' Sheri Vaughan-Dorant preparing for the cocktail component of their training assessment. Candidates were required to prepare a service of classic cocktail á La Carte

As the members of the WorldSkills Barbados (WSB) Training Squad continue in their pursuit of selection to the Barbados team to WorldSkills Shanghai in October 2022, Technical Officer with the TVET Council and Lead Officer of the WorldSkills Barbados (WSB) Programme Dario Walcott explains the importance of periodic assessment to the selection process.

The Cooking, Hairdressing and Restaurant Service training squad members have been involved in a series of periodic assessments which will determine how well candidates are learning and advancing in their respective skill area.

Mr. Walcott stated: “These assessments are important for a couple reasons, it first gives us an idea of where our competitors are at with almost a year of training. Secondly, after a review of performances from 2017 at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi and 2019 at WorldSkills Kazan we recognized that they needed more competition experience, so it also gives them the feel of being able to compete again and working towards the details that they need to pay attention to in competition.”

He also noted that because the experts are still seeing some performance challenges, they will review the score sheets with participants to help them understand where they are losing marks in all areas, as the competition not only focuses on hard skills but also soft skills.

Moving forward, the squad is scheduled to complete assessments in all areas by April 10, 2022, followed by thorough debriefing and feedback from the judges. The squad is also participating in the Competitors Developmental Programme, which began on March 15, 2022. This programme focuses on the competitors' soft skills such as public speaking, communication, conflict resolution and all round personal development.