Let’s Talk Skills Podcast Episode Three is Coming Soon!

11/25/2022 04:11 PM
WorldSkills Barbados News
Flashback: Behind the scenes of the first episode of the WorldSkills Barbados: Let's Talk Skills Podcast.

A new episode of the WorldSkills Barbados: Let’s Talk Skills Podcast is set to be released soon! 

WorldSkills Barbados 2020 Champions Kristina Patrick, Danny Mayers, and Peabo Sampson will co-host the third installment of the six-part series, which will highlight the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition (WSC2022SE) experience of the Barbados Team!

The WSC2022SE was the official replacement for WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 Competition which was cancelled in May because of the pandemic. As a result of the commitment of the WorldSkills International’s global partners and member countries, 61 skill competitions were held over 12 weeks in 15 countries and regions between September 7 and November 26, 2022.

The Barbados team to the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022, which comprised competitors Jessica Cummins (Cooking), Tonquanja Giddings (Restaurant Service), coaches Chef Peter Edey (Cooking) and Roderick Prescod (Restaurant Service), both of whom also served as Judges during the competition, instead headed to Lucerne, Switzerland to compete in the skill competitions for these two areas, during October 23- 26, 2022.

Members of the delegation will be sharing their experiences during episode three of the podcast, including how they prepared and trained to compete at the international level, what it was like there, and much more!

Meanwhile, episode two of the Let’s Talk Skills podcast is available on the WorldSkills Barbados’ YouTube page! Technical Officer with the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council - also known as TVET Council (TVETC), Barbados - Dario Walcott, discusses ‘All Things TVETC’: what it is, what training institutions the Council works with, and much more.

During the first segment, Mr. Walcott emphasized the value of the TVET discipline to Barbados while Kristina and Danny spoke about what TVET the discipline means to them and its significance, in segment two!

Stay tuned for more episodes in this six-part series as the WSB Champions continue to discuss the hot topics in skills development and the discipline of TVET.