Create a Blueprint To Achieve Success

09/18/2017 02:27 PM
WorldSkills Barbados News

“You can make your journey a whole lot easier if you have a blueprint.” 

Gregory Skeete, founder of Engineering Life Inc., shared this advice during a personal development workshop held for the WorldSkills Barbados team going to compete in WorldSkills Abu Dhabi in October.

Pointing out that a blueprint is a plan or helpful guide in the journey to success, he urged team members to write down what they defined as success based on what they dreamt to achieve.

“Dreams are important to defining success; they are the blueprints, the beginning of the process to achieving goals.  When you build without blueprints, whether it’s in the auto industry, construction or in life, the odds are that you won’t be as efficient and effective.

“You may have to do a lot of repetition, some starting over, remolding, refitting and eventually you may get there. You can make your journey a lot easier if you have a blueprint – if you have a plan,” he said.

However, Mr. Skeete cautioned the team against focusing on the wrong plans. 

“Some people put more effort into planning vacations or a party than planning for their life, he said, recommending that they focus on accomplishing wholistic dreams.

He advised them to concentrate on improving their knowledge, skills, spirituality, relationships, health and fitness, finances and assets.

WorldSkills is a ‘skills Olympics’ for persons ages 16 to 22 who are enrolled in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions. Approximately 1300 participants from 77 countries are expected to compete in 51 skill areas. Barbados will compete in Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Garment Making and Hairdressing. (PR/TVET Council Barbados)