Apply Now

Any Champion eligible and interested in becoming a committee member must:

  • Prepare a 2-5 minute video

    The video submission should be no longer than 3-5 minutes. 

    The information to be included in the video is as follows:

    • Full name
    • Age
    • Which WorldSkills Competition(s) you competed in and the year.

     (WorldSkills Barbados, WorldSkills Barbados Juniors, WorldSkills Americas or WorldSkills International or International TVET Youth Forum)

    • Tell us why you would like to be a member of the WorldSkills Barbados Champions Committee
    • How WSB helped in shaping your career.
    • The importance of skills development to Barbados and how WSB can benefit Barbados

    Tips when submitting your video:

    1. Make sure your background is not busy. It does not have to be a white background.
    2. The video can be shot with a mobile phone but ensure the quality is good.
    3. Ensure the area you are planning to shoot in is well lit and quiet.

    Natural daylight is a great light source. Make sure you are not backing it. Try not to stand directly in the sunlight (it will create strong and harsh shadows on your face). The shade can work for soft light and if you are lucky; a slightly overcast day is great.

  • Submit an Application as a Champion

    This form (see below) is to be completed by the applicant and should include the 3-5 minute video (prepared above) as an attachment.

  • Receive a Recommendation from an Expert

    The Recommendation form (see below) should be submitted by your Instructor, N/CVQ Coordinator, employer, etc. of choice after you have submitted your Application Form. You will be provided with a code for your Instructor, N/CVQ Coordinator, employer, etc. to complete their Recommendation Form.

The deadline for submission is January 30, 2022.

A shortlist of applicants will be required to attend an interview with the WorldSkills Barbados Internal Committee.  

For further information please click here.


Any Champion eligible can complete the form below to get started.

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Date of Birth
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Competition Year
Skills Area
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Your 3-5 Minute Video

To assist with the appointment process for the new WorldSkills Barbados Champions Committee Members, we are requesting that the following recommendation form be completed by either the applicant’s former Instructor/Teacher, Local Organising Committee (LOC) Member, N/CVQ Coordinator, Coach or current employer.

Applicant Code
Relation to Applicant
Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Employer
Your Occupation

Do you think this applicant would make a positive contribution to the WorldSkills Barbados Champions Committee? Explain why


Please describe any attributes the applicant has that indicates their ability to work on a team


Would this applicant be a good role model for future Competitors? Explain why


Can the candidate communicate comfortably and effectively? (i.e. writing, speaking)


Are you supportive of the WorldSkills Barbados Champions Committee? Why or why not?


Please indicate any support you are able to provide the applicant should they be successful